In my imagination…

Many times i lost my writings because those were not guarded. Now, here i go again. In order  to practice my english i will narrate a short history, result of my imagination.

She is  Luisana(20 year old girl). She is in love with him, Franco. He is Franco (23 year old boy). He is in love with his girlfriend. They are friends since the school. They used to play basketball all the weekends until he started the university.  When they were students, she did not feel anything  similar to be in love… They won’t meet again until five months ago.

Five months ago. One day, Luisana needed to buy a new camera and she went to the store. Franco went to the store to meet his cousin and buy something.  They were walking  into  the store  without know they will meet again. He saw her when she was waiting the bus and  he did not doubt in approaching. He was thrilled.

That day everything began…

The shine of their eyes was in the beginning because of  the friendship that they had. Franco and Luisana spent hours talking about their lifes when suddenly his cellphone rang. It was his girlfriend. Luisana saw the time in her cellphone and told Franco that it’s time to return to her home. Franco, without waiting more time, asked for her new number of cellphone and offered take her to her home.

In that time, Franco and Luisana were living many problems in their lifes. Luisana lost the experience for  studying in a private university and lost   the contact with Jhon, who was her best friend for a long time. Franco was passing a bad moment with his girlfriend and his problems with his brothers were increasing.

They were friends and in that moment they needed support of each one.

The time was passing. They was spending time together and the love, the love was increasing.

Many  times, Luisana, felt that when she was with Franco, he was the only guy over the land. She wished to be the only girl for him, but she knew that it was imposible. The rest of their friends in comun thought that someday they will be together and in love. They did not make a mistake, they were right.

Then, in a couple of weeks, Franco broke with his girlfriend.

Luisana felt many looks over she, the people could think that she induced to Franco to break with her ex-girlfriend. Luisana got to be stunned each time that she remembered that idea.

Franco started to treat  her with more interest, and she realized of that. She was really happy, she felt that she was not far from her dream, to be with him.

At less than one week from his breach Franco proposed to be lovers to Luisana. She was really  thrilled and immediately accepted.

The firsts weeks were fantastic. Luisana felt to be the most happy woman in the world. Franco was the boyfriend more romantic than others. She was falling in love with him… and how she loved him a lot, she gave herself in body and soul. Her first time was  for him.

One day she told him that she would travel with her family and would be absent for two weeks. Franco hugged her strongly,  told her that  he loved her and he  would miss her.

She arrived to lima in one week, she wanted to give him a surprise. When she went to his home saw his ex-girlfriend kissing him.

She approached where they were, was crying. She didn’t say anything and went away.

She is in love and still cryes her experience.

I dreamed it and i narrated it. It only happened in my imagination.

One thought on “In my imagination…

  1. el amor… es tan extraño… nos envuelve y nos libera.. nos da paz y nos inquieta el corazon… da vida a la vida y a la muerte… y nos ciega si no es cierto y nos da el verdadero amor si es realmente sincero y mutuo…


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